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INSTAGRAM COMPETITION: Womens’ Day – Until 08.03.2018

Women empowerment! Womens’ Day Cherish our women and cherish each other. Cyprus Healthy Living with partnership of “Perfecta Beauty Centre” would like to invite to win a prize: Win an Oxygen infusion face treatment. HOW? Follow the instructions on Instagram. UNTIL WHEN? 8th March

Defrost the freezer

Clean and defrost your freezer regularly. When there is a thick layer of frost, the device consumes more. Also, it helps your freezer to last longer. More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.  

Honey consumption and infant botulism

What do you need to know about honey consumption and infant botulism? Honey may contain Clostridium botulinum spores, bacteria that affect the gastrointestinal tract and can cause a disease called botulism. In adults and children older than 12 months, this risk does not exist, as the gastrointestinal system is more mature and can inhibit the growth and action of […]

Yoga in the Winter

Yoga in the Winter Firstly, I would like to start by saying that yoga is a way of life that is best practiced daily, so through all the four seasons. Taking good care of one’s diet especially in winter is essential to get the best from one’s yoga practice. Sun salutation During the winter when […]

Pumpkin: The ultimate Autumn/Winter vegetable

Pumpkin: The ultimate Autumn/Winter vegetable Why you should eat them? You see pumpkins everywhere in Autumn, in the fruit and vegetable markets, producers selling them along the road and of course those of us who love Halloween will be looking for pumpkins to carve into Jack-O-Lanterns! Pump   kins are a type of squash and […]

Contraception methods

Contraception methods There are really wide variety of different methods how to protect and have safe sex. Below you will find short/long acting and other methods. Analyse and see which of the method suits you best and you feel most secure and still can enjoy sex life.  Short acting methods Short Acting Contraceptives are a […]

The power of silence

The power of silence There are places to connect with the power of silence but the worlds rapid development has robbed us of many. Ancient sages drew most of their inner wisdom from this deep well of stillness where they could become the stillpoint. Their wisdom and sense of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ brought them into […]