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Summer is starting

Summer is starting! It’s time to go on holiday to give us a rest. Give a rest to your electricity consumption as well, and before you go on holiday, think to unplug everything in the house! More benefits of save energy at home HERE.

Motion sensor

Using motion sensor can be a good way to save electricity. With motion sensor, light will only be turned on when you actually need it. It also avoids the risk of forgetting to turn the lights off when you leave a room. That way, you will save a lot of electricity! More benefits of reducing […]

Electrical appliances

Instead of reselling your old and electricity-consuming appliances, recycle them! The old appliances will still consume lots of electricity. Some companies offer to recycle them to turn them into something else or will use the materials to build new environment-friendly appliances that won’t consume as much energy. More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.

Solar panels

It is always (or almost) sunny in Cyprus! The sun is a great natural source of power. Investing in solar panels is good for the environment. You will be able to generate your own energy. In addition you will use a natural and renewable energy. At the beginning installing solar panels represent cost. Later they […]

Go out for dinner

Why don’t you treat yourself sometimes and go out for dinner? Go to some local restaurants. You will support local businesses. In addition you will save time because you shouldn’t cook. Also you will save electricity. More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.

Electrical appliances

Is important to unplung electrical appliances for save energy. After you turned off  they  consume a little bit of energy. You may have noticed the small red light on your TV. Also you should unplug your laptop, your stereo system, your coffee machine etc. It helps you to reduce your electricity consumption when you aren’t using […]

Natural light

Think to clean your windows regularly. You will enable more light to come in your house. As a consequence, you delay the time you will have to switch lights on. Try to enjoy as many natural light as possible! Also, natural light is good for your mood! More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.

Batteries device

when you are using batteries, prefer the rechargeable ones. You can save money because you don’t need to buy a new one. When they aren’t usable anymore will be needed less energy to recycle the batteries. More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.

A microwave

Think to use your microwave when you need to re-heat something. A micro-wave works quicker and uses less energy to function. More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.

New appliances

Sometimes it is better to invest in some new appliances consuming less energy. Old appliances need lots of energy to work. Whereas newer ones are more efficient, and therefore, consume less. In conclusion you will save money on your electricity bill! More benefits of reducing energy consumption at home HERE.