book club

Book Club

Book Club at the Tree of Life Centre starts! First meeting will be held on Thursday, November 16th at 8pm. It will be an introductory meeting, but organizers have selected a (very) short story which will form the basis for our first discussion.

You are asked to come to the meeting having read this story and be prepared to join in the discussion about it. You should also come ready with the title and author of a book that you would like to discuss in future weeks, as each one of us (3) will get the chance to choose a book for us to read and talk about. This will ensure that a wide range of books is covered and will give each person a chance to be part of the process. Please make sure it is a fiction book, and one that is easily accessible (and not too long!). 

Each session will be 5 euros, which will include a cup of tea/ coffee. If you feel that you can bring some biscuits or snacks along, please feel free to do so. We envision each session lasting between 1 1/2 and 2 hours, and we will aim to start as close to 8pm as possible. Initially, we are suggesting that we meet up once a month, and we will provide a list of books/dates for the first few months after our initial meeting.



For more info check out the Facebook event.