fabulous 2018

Create Your Fabulous 2018!

«Create your fabulous 2018!», that helps to send to the universe your dreams as fast as possible!

This event is short and fun but also powerful, because you will connect to your subconscious mind (who really runs our life) and communicate to it what we really want. The best part is our subconscious mind will understand us and immediately start to help to get what you want.

1) Ritual Circle “My Fabulous 2018”
2) Creating Your Personalised Mandala for 2018 
3) Practice “Ordering to Universe”
4) Learn What’s Blocking You From Achieving Your Dream 2018 and What Will Help You to Correct Your Course
5) Visit to a «Wonderful shop» (Guided Meditation)

Irina Belska is the owner of the academy «Business with a Soul» with clients in 63 countries and has been coaching for 5 years. She has more than 30 years’ experience in self development, meditation and energetic practices.

* Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach
* Certified Business and Life coach
* Certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach
* Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® coach
* Theta Healing Instructor
* Master of Ericsonian’s Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner
* Specialist Neurography
* Art Therapist
* Member of International Association of Women in Coaching and Business Coaching
* 2013 Star in Business Success

w: https://irinabelska.com/
Fb: Irina Belska
e: support@belska.eu

WHEN: 13th January from 5pm till 8pm for 3 hours 
WHERE:  Peace by Praxis

Book your evening €40

Book your evening €30 (Peace by Praxis members)

For additional information please contact:
Alan 9617 2517 or Irina 9913 5735