essential oils

Health & Wellness with DoTerra essential oils

”I love essential oils and natural supplements. There are so many different, wonderful things that we can use for ourselves, our family, in the kitchen. Sometimes it is nice to have a little guidance on what would be best.”

Joanna Constantinou from Essential Inner Health will help you find out what your body really needs.

You can book a FREE Zyto Compass consultation. The Zyto Compass technology enables us to perform a Bio-Survey of your body addressing 76 bio-markers in the body through our hand cradle. This allows us to know exactly which areas of your body needs support to get it back in full balance. It will give you a detailed PDF report that lets you know which oils and/or natural supplements would be most beneficial to your body where your body is now.
The consultation takes 1/2 hour per person. It is FREE but only by appointment.

Please call Karin to schedule your appointment +357 99 79 20 57 or text or pm.

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