Neurotree of Abundance

Neurotree of Abundance


Neurography is a transformational method of drawing aimed at solving problems and achieving your goals. Neurography has been developed and formalised by Russian psychologist Pavel Piskarev in 2014.

One of the main benefits of Neurography is that it provides you with the direct access to your inner self. No need to talk, no need to verbally define anything, no need to share your emotions with anyone and you do not even need drawing skills! The essence of Neurotree is laying neuropaths to the specific goal of a particular person. The World speaks with us using neuro language. Neurography is universal language. Modelling of unconscious.

Our brain neuropaths create pictures of our life. Success is one neuro code, picture of neuropaths in our brain. Loving relationships another. Conflicts it is also neuro code, picture of neuropaths in our brain. Everything in our brain is coded in neuro codes, pictures of neuropaths in our brain! Neurographic works with neuropaths. 


– Draw neural pathways to your goal.
– Understand the available resources to achieve the goal.
– “Get” the hidden unconscious resources to achieve the goal.
– Receive insights.
– Relieve stress.
– Develop better communication with your intuition.

“Inside, something was released directly – and there is a feeling that I am on the verge of a new perception of the situation.” – Marina

“… now calmly refer to the Inquisition) it is interesting, now the feeling that I now accepted myself and other people will also take a look at me, which is somehow liberation” – Irina

“I liked it very much, thank you! During my work, I felt how my mind relaxes – it is very necessary for me. For me, it was an opportunity to work out the problem by pulling away from it – to look at it from above. Now I feel much calmer towards the work situation.” – Marina

“I’m still drawing connections and bringing them to the border of the sheet – such pleasure and the excitement continues – – allowed myself the freedom to act and everything «rolled» – I do not want to come off and move on” – Galina

Irina Belska is the owner of the academy «Business with a Soul» with clients in 63 countries and has been coaching for 5 years. She has more than 30 years’ experience in self development, meditation and energetic practices.

* Certified Sacred Money Archetypes® coach
* Certified Business and Life coach
* Certified Money Breakthrough Method® coach
* Certified Money, Marketing and Soul® coach
* Theta Healing Instructor
* Master of Ericsonian’s Hypnosis and NLP Practitioner
* Specialist Neurography
* Art Therapist
* Member of International Association of Women in Coaching and Business Coaching
* 2013 Star in Business Success

Fb: Irina Belska

Come prepared with coloured pencils and markers.
Paper will be provided.

WHEN: 27th of January

WHERE: Peace by Praxis

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Book your Masterclass €15 (Peace by Praxis members)
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