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Sport Massage Seminar


Athletic massage is a type of massage that is aimed at people who are engaged in sports or gymnastics professionally or not. This includes athletes and dancers up to people doing sedentary work but exercising and wanting to maintain a healthy body.

It focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the most common problems (usually in the upper or lower extremities) resulting from the sport as well as helping to maintain and prepare the body to maximize when needed.

The following types of Athletic Weightlifting are:
• Pre-event
• Post event,
• Intercompetition
• Remedial Sports Massage.

Taking a pre-sports or a pre-race massage combined with stretching, increases blood circulation and muscle elasticity, reducing the chance of injuries and increasing strength and strength. It also helps to gain greater awareness of our body and its environment in relation to the environment, which is very important for achieving maximum efficiency at the time of exercise.

After-fight or athletic massage (Fasting) helps to quickly restore the body to its normal condition, reduces the symptoms of pain or stomach over extreme exercise, facilitates metabolism and cleanses the muscles of lactic acid and other wastes.

In between a fight, such as Marathon or Decathlon, you can offer a very short massage (Intercompetition) to recover energy and endurance.

Athletic massage offered in Spa, Gyms, Alternative Centers and more. (Therapeutic) helps restore and maintain the athlete and avoid the creation of chronic problems that can arise from intense sports.


WHEN: 27 & 28 January


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