Seminar of Reflexology

Two-day Seminar of Reflexology


Maria Busbulas, who teaches at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Two words about the Seminar

Come and get started with the magic of the feet with the help of reflexology.

Did you know how your whole body is depicted on your feet?
Each organ, every bone, every joint of each muscle, and even every emotion, has its own point on the tread map.
Studying one’s feet, the story of his life, opens in front of you!

Your own body heals you through the soles.
A blocked bowel, an intense contraction muscle is relieved directly by a reflective pressure at the right spot!
Hidden mental traumas, physical distortions, and psychological disorders may find their solution to healing the feet.

Deep relaxation, homeostasis, rejuvenation of the energy of the entire body are some of the benefits of reflexology.

At the seminar we will study the following topics:

History of reflexology
Holistic therapy and universal energy
How does reflexology benefit?
Definition of reflexology
The reasons we prefer to walk
Energy zones of the body
Longitudinal bands
Soles, a mirror of the body
Relaxation techniques
Pressure techniques
Anatomy of the lower limbs
Reflective body points on the tread
Preparation of the therapist
Energy protection
Reflexology for the whole family
Reflexology at the Third Age
Reflexology for better health
Enhancement of the immune system
Relief in simple ailments
First aid with a reflexology guide

Curriculum vitae:

Maria Shima Rama Bushbulas is a Reflexology Teacher, Alpha Chi Consultant, and Holistic Therapist,

He studied Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese and Hippocratic Medicine, Indoor Alchemy – Reflexology, Acupuncture, Diet, Energy Development Techniques, Energy Feng Shui Body, and Energy Feng Shui Alpha Chi (ACC) Energy Master.

He teaches at the Academy of Ancient Greek and Traditional
Chinese Medicine.

WHEN: 3 & 4 February

WHERE: The seminar will take place at 24, Oponix Street, in Ekali, Limassol.

HOW MUCH: Information, participation fees and seat bookings at 96764120

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