10 Simple Tricks To Add Years To Your Life

Every year when we celebrate our birthdays, we are grateful that we got to add an extra year to our lives. However, we may ask ourselves if we are going to reach a certain age and be able to accomplish our dreams.  Genetics contributes a little to our ages, but mostly our lifestyle matters in how long we can extend our lifespan. Exercising, balanced and healthy diet, keeping off alcohol, drugs and cigarettes are some of the simple ways to keep you looking young. You can take control of your life and choose to make changes so that you can live longer than the average life expectancy.

Some of the simple ways that you can decide to adopt in order to add more years to your life include:

  1. Exercise
    Doing exercise is essential for your body and brain. You don’t have to spend a lot of time exercising, but do a brisk walk  30 minutes every day, and that is enough to keep your weight in check, prevent conditions such as blood pressure and heart conditions, strengthen your muscles and improve your mood.
  2. Positive Attitude
    If you are positive about life, then you will always approach issues in an optimistic way. Positive people make better choices and decisions, hence being able to add more years to their life. Try to laugh often as it reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and sugars.
  3. Be More Sociable
    Get out and make new friends and get to enjoy their company. Friends will help in relieving stress and will encourage us to adopt healthy behaviors and also live positively.
  4. Get Enough Sleep
    It is recommended that one should sleep 8 hours per day so that the body gets to function well and the tissues and cells can repair themselves and grow. Depriving yourself sleep leads one to lack of concentration, weight gain and  blood pressure.
  5. Eat Nuts
    Studies have shown that eating nuts, especially cashew, almonds and pistachios (which are healthy nuts), help add years to your life. It show that eating nuts five days a week will lessen the chances of having heart diseases as they reduce stress in the arteries.
  6. Floss Your Teeth
    Flossing every day does not only remove food from between your teeth, but it also reduces bacteria that causes tooth decay or periodontal diseases. The bacteria can also cause the immune system to be inflamed hence the arteries swell. It is recommended to floss once per day.
  7. Drink Wine
    It is good for you to take a glass of wine each day as it is linked to lowering heart diseases hence increasing your years.
  8. Drink Water
    Take about 6 or 8 glasses of water per day as it helps remove toxins from the body, protect internal body organs, regulate temperature and aid in digestion. It is important to avoid being dehydrated.
  9. Eat Vegetables
    Eventough you are eating a balanced and healthy meal, it is important to take a lot of vegetables more regularly as they contain more nutrient. This helps in nourishing the body and keeping your weight in check.
  10. Eat Blueberries
    Blueberries have antioxidants that protect the heart, hence reduce its inflammation and also prevent conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity. Taking blueberry juice helps reduce depression and improve memory.