10 Ways To Walk 10,000 Steps Daily

Do you have a new fitness tracker or maybe an old school pedometer? You can burn about 500 calories every day if you set a goal and walk 10,000 steps. Sound impossible? It’s not if you set your mind to it and follow these 10 ways to reach your 10,000 step goal:

  1. Increase your steps gradually. As an example, if you currently walk 4000 steps daily, increase your steps by 500 every day or two until you hit your 10,000 step goal. Allow yourself time to build and adjust, a realistic goal is to add 1000 – 2000 extra steps each week until you reach 10,000.
  1. Set aside time before and after work or school specifically for walking. Whether you walk to the park or around the block, this time is walking time. 30 minutes if you have it, or 15 minutes as many times as you can work it into your schedule.
  1. Leave the car in the garage. Walk to the grocery store, the Post Office, work or school if possible. Less driving equals more steps leading to your 10,000.
  1. Park further away. If you do need to drive, park at the perimeter of the parking lot or the top of the parking garage. You’ll have to walk further to reach your destination. If you park at the furthest and highest level of the parking garage, use the stairs to reach your destination, which leads to…
  1. Always use the stairs. Stairs are “free” steps and using them strengthens your legs, heart, and lungs. If using the stairs is unrealistic, for example if you live or work on the 52nd floor, use the elevator and go 3 or 4 floors past your floor and walk down the stairs to get there.
  1. Always take the longest route. If time permits, take the longest route to the break room, that meeting, your lunch destination. It may sound counterproductive, but you are looking for added steps, not efficiency.
  1. Schedule breaks at work and walk. Take a short break every hour if possible, get up from your desk and walk. Walk quickly to the restroom or break room, but by the longest route, walk laps through the hallways or find the stairs and use them. Set alarms on your tracker, phone or computer to remind you to get up and walk.
  1. Use public transportation. Riding the bus requires walking to the bus stop, plus you can get off the bus one stop before your destination. You can do the same with taxicabs or rideshare.
  1. Use a treadmill. Use a treadmill at the gym or your office to help reach your goal. Have a treadmill at home? Drag it in front of your television and walk as you enjoy your TV shows. No treadmill at home? Commit to walking around during every commercial.
  1. Track your progress throughout the day. As your day progresses, if you see that you are not reaching your intermediate goals leading up to your 10,000 steps – you need to step it up. There aren’t enough hours in the day to keep adding the steps you missed today to your steps tomorrow, so hit your goal each day and commit to doing so before bedtime. If you see at dinnertime that you’re behind, hit the sidewalk or track before dark until you hit 10,000!