3 deadly myths about bulimia

Many people think that bulimia is just an eating disorder with no health complications. In fact, there have been many jokes in the media about bulimics.  However, all these are untrue. Read on to find out about the three deadly myths of bulimia.

  1. You cannot die from bulimia.

Yes, you can! Bulimics suffer a high risk of running into medical complications. This is especially if you are purging your body of the nutrients that it needs by using laxatives, vomiting, excessive exercising and fasting. Did you know the constant vomiting in bulimia causes a serious electrolyte imbalance in your body? It depletes your body of the important ions. You could die from a cardiac arrest due to a potassium depletion in your body. Furthermore, due to all the vomiting, you could get yellow and rotting teeth too. This is from the gastric acid from your stomach. Not a pretty sight indeed.

  1. Bulimia is a good way to lose weight.

Bulimia is not a good way to lose weight. The truth is, bulimia does not help anybody to lose weight. It damages the body with all the alternating between the bingeing and the purging. You need to find a healthy alternative. Seek professional advice. Do not resort to bulimia to achieve the weight that you want. You can learn to eat your food and yet keep off the fat at the same time.

  1. Bulimia only applies to people who eat large quantities of food and vomit them out.

There are many ways to get rid of the food that you have just consumed. A bulimic could use laxatives or enemas to stimulate the dumping process. They could also try and vomit it out. Other ways are excessive exercising, chronic dieting and fasting.

In conclusion, bulimia is a deadly eating disorder. Educate yourself today about it and help the ones that might have symptoms.