shower habits and their effects

5 shower habits that can wreck your skin

Shower habits and their effects

Everybody likes those long showers at the end of the day. To just climb into a warm shower and pamper yourself all you want to. But how well do you know about your shower habits and their effects? We don’t know for the most part that there are a few things that we do in the shower that are actually damaging our skin.

For example, did you know that forgetting to scrub your feet properly can promote the growth of bacteria on them? Bacteria on your feet can cause them to smell weird.

Similarly, there are many shower habits that ruin your skin. Here are five things you should definitely not do in the shower.

1.The long shower

Give up the long warm shower. Your hour long shower can actually be the main reason why your skin feels dehydrated. When you opt for long showers especially if the water is hot, you wreck your skin and your precious locks. Your hair is very sensitive and vulnerable when it is wet and the last thing you should add is the heat.

By ripping your skin of moisture, your long shower actually causes more damage than you think. The ideal time period of a shower should last anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

2.Delayed Moisturizing Process

Sure, all that you want after a nice shower is to curl up and sleep. But by delaying your moisturizer, you are actually forgetting to seal in the moisture from the shower. On the other hand, you are also failing to compensate the moisture lost in your hot shower.

3.Towel dry or hard dry?

You should be very careful in how you dry your skin and hair. Avoid rubbing your skin to dry. When your skin is vulnerable after a shower, you should be very gentle on it. Pat dry your skin gently as opposed to rubbing. Use a soft towel.

4.Mane Matters

Avoid tying your hair when it is still wet. It doesn’t matter if you are still in the shower or just out of it, you should never tie your hair when it is wet. This also includes tying your hair tight with a towel. Also, refrain from rubbing your wet hair to dry.

5.Cold Blast

Ever heard about the cold blast of water to finish your shower? A cold water blast closes your pores and has also been known to decrease stress and boost immunity. Start practicing the cold water blast and you will know that this is the most refreshing thing you could do in your shower.