Tips how to be exited for school year

5 tips on how to be excited for the new school year

How to be excited for the new school year coming!

One of our partners – Mariana Kovacheva from Super Nova Academy is sharing her insights on how to be exited for this new period of the year.

For all parents – if you are something like me, you are usually far from exited about the start of the new year! Even just writing about it makes me feel anxious!

So let see what we might be anxious about. We need to prepare clothes, bags, materials. We need to be present for the children and attentive to their feelings about the new school year. We need to get organized. Some things need to be done. The difference is in what emotional state we are when doing all this.

Most of us are still in holiday mood! Children too. There is no a single exiting thought about school, except seeing their schoolmates. And this is in case they do good in relationships with others!

We would like to share 5 things we can do to get ourselves in a stable and even joyful state before start doing what we have to.

Find out what you feel

Take some time and find out exactly how do you feel about this. For example, I feel overwhelmed, stressed and resentful. Some of this is coming from my own experience as a child! So the best is to recognize your emotions and pay attention to them. Accept how we feel, you have heard about self love right, now practice it! Usually you feel relief immediately after accepting your emotions!

Appreciate teachers

Start inviting some positive feelings and appreciation for the teachers! They do the best they can coping with different stressful situations! Me I do visualize what the relationship might look like between my son and his teacher! Don’t leave this on a chance! It is very important if they like each other! it will save you a lot of troubles! If you are used to meditation and self growth you know what I am talking about. If not start now by setting an intention!

Set an intention

Sit in a comfortable, relaxed place and write down, what do you want your children to experience during this school year.  How you going to feel about them. How patient and compassionate you want to be. How their eyes are shining when something really special happened to them. How they share with you and openly take advises. How they show support and love for schoolmates. How their teacher earned the respect and love. How seen and appreciated they feel! How more of their unique talents are getting explored! How you are able to encourage them and lovingly guide them.

Talk with the child

Ask how they feel. Let them express all they might feel. All is good. We usually want to fix it for them, resist the temptation doing this. Let them feel their negative feelings if they do have any. And help them find a solution for a problem they might have. Get them exited, inspire them. Share your stories, not the dreadful ones! Even just being present for them is grate. I do than the happy dance with my son, asking him to show me how exited he is! Fake it till make it works also!

Do things

You have changed your emotional state and now you are ready to take on the doing list! Relax, do things one by one and what is not urgent leave it even after the school has started! For now do just the things they need for the first week. Till the things settle in a routine.

Let your children see that you are exited for them and be as relaxed as possible without ignoring the stress we might start experiencing soon again! Then come back to step one.

P.s. if you do, your children have permission to have a legendary life too!

Credits to Mariana Kovacheva from Super Nova Academy

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