improve your memory

5 ways to improve your memory

Capacity to remember details, observe big amount of information , remember places, conversations and dates, can be trained along implementing into your daily routine particular daily habits and behaviors. Working on them you will develop your mind, in other words you will train your mind. Improved memory is a useful tool in daily basis.

  1. Say it to yourself.

Whenever you perform an act, pronounce it loud to yourself what you are doing in that moment. For example, if you’re writing an email, tell yourself either silently in your mind or out loud, “I am writing this email.” This can work for any significant or mundane task. Practicing to do this a mental note will help prevent yourself from wondering later whether you completed the task and avoid future doubtful moments.

  1. Be observant.

Whether you’re waiting for a somebody somewhere or in traffic on the freeway, observe the moment. Look around and notice your presence in that place. What is going on, what is around. Notice the clouds in the sky, sounds, smells, the decorations on the walls, the people around you. Keep that moment in your memory.

  1. Read, then summarize.

Whenever you read a chapter in a book, an article, paragraph, notes after all try to remember the main points without looking back. For instance, after reading this post, can you tell about the five daily basis practices to improve your memory? This process will start carrying over into other areas of your life as well, making it easier to remember things like grocery lists and conversations.

  1. Listen.

Listen carefully to others when they’re talking to you or just all around in a company. Make a conscientious effort to be completely into current conversations. People around you will be genuinely surprised when I will retell them something about they shared months ago. Listening is highly appreciated in any type of relationship, friendship and connection between human being.

  1. Meditate.

Meditation helps to clear the mind of the daily clutter that clogs up our true selves, as well as makes space for solutions to arise and creative ideas to grow. You will be shocked how all in a sudden you remember forgotten stuff in your life.

Setting in and daily practicing of these 5 easy techniques, which we bring today for your own consideration, going to help to strengthen your memory after a while. Once we’re aware of the changes we can make, it becomes easier to incorporate them into our lives.