5 ways to Well-being – (3 of 5)

Taking Notice – by practicing awareness of the sensations we are experiencing, thoughts we have and feelings we are feeling we can help to improve the knowledge we have about ourselves and also enhance our well-being.

Our lives these days are fairly hectic and highly pressured.  We are constantly bombarded with messages, texts, phone calls and advertising.  This can leave little opportunity for us to be able to take the time to reflect on our experiences and to connect with our feelings.

Savouring the moment and taking notice of your surroundings and reflecting on your experiences can help to place you more in the moment.  You may find yourself gaining a different perspective on things that you used to take for granted or do without taking any notice because it had become such a routine for you.

Walking or driving to work take time to think about what you are doing (obviously being aware of your surroundings and safety at all times).  If you are walking how does it feel when you place each foot on the ground, can you feel your muscles in your body working?

When having lunch with friends or talking with colleagues or family savour the moment, enjoy their reactions and your own too.

Be curious – where does that road lead?  What does a food you’ve never tried actually taste like?  Can I do that?

Notice the changing seasons – the flowers and trees blossoming in Spring, birds arriving and leaving, how the landscape changes as the weather becomes hotter from lush and green to sandy and rocky, storms in the winter; so many things to choose from – the world we live on is a constantly changing and amazing place.

Catch sight of the beautiful – whatever that may be to you, a child’s smile, how your pet greets you when you come home from work, feeling the fresh air on your face, the smell of orange blossom on the air again it is a very personal thing – one thing that I find beautiful is the way the sun shines through green leaves.

Reflect on your experiences and take notice I’m sure you will find your feeling of well-being lifted.