6 Reasons Why Kissing is Good For Your Health

The art of kissing is as old as time itself. It is a timeless way of professing love and affection for someone important in your life. It is a gesture of bonding and portrayal of adoration since time immemorial. When a child is born, the first act of devotion by parents is to kiss the newborn. Overtime the child returns those feelings of adoration to around him/her and from infancy to childhood to adolescence and beyond the chain does not break and it is a continual cycle of love.

Speaking of kissing as an act of love, it also has its own health benefits which strengthen the immune system of a person. Here we discuss why kissing is good for your health and an act you need to indulge in more often.

Signs of Health

  • Bond is strengthened

Whether you are kissing family, friends or your significant other, even a small peck on the cheek can immediately connect two people. This may not be a blatant “health” benefit, however, when ties are strong, it leads to less tension and stress between people which reduces the chances of depression among people.

  • Increases the production of “happy hormones”

Similar to the point already stated, kissing signals the pituitary gland to produce more endorphins. These are the happy hormones of the body and help de-stress a person. Therefore, kissing curbs the onset of depression among the masses.

  • Reduces pain symptoms

With the production of adrenaline – coupled with endorphins – the body is less able to feel pain. So a good kissing workout can in fact help a person feel much better if they are down in the dumps. It is a great way to pick one up and feel instantly better.

  • Boosts immunity – helps fights illnesses

In an intimate lip locking session, there is exchange of saliva which helps two people to fight off viruses. Many may think otherwise and be grossed out by the act; however, some studies indicate that the body starts to produce antibodies to fend off various illnesses when they come in contact with infected saliva.

  • Burns calories (gasp)

Who would have known that a kissing session is actually a good way to work out? Not only does it exercise the face muscles and makes them stronger but one can burn 2 to 3 calories a minute! Bring on your partner and go for it!

  • A passionate kiss can lead to more intimacy and arousal
    Kissing is the primer to more intimate acts of love. Having sex frequently can actually boost self-esteem and also a way to lose some weight. Kissing can help set the tone and you can have the best bonding time with your partner and enjoy your time.

Kissing is truly an act of everything love and loving. It leads to other acts of intimacy with added benefits. Kissing fights feelings of depression, and increases the production of good stuff in your body to keep your vitality intact. It is time for you to get together with your significant other and have a blast!