7 Things you should definitely try this summer

Summer is that time of the year thatallows you to relax and have the time of your life… That amazing time where you switch to flip flops and you know it’s also the right time to change your diets.
Summer is no doubt a fun season but it also brings up problems like dehydration, skin sensitivity, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, so you need to watch out what you eat. Of course it is hard to eat healthy when all you think about is barbecues, burgers and steack, but here are some foods that are  definitely worthwhile to try this summer and they are perfect for your body.

Nothings says more summer than fresh corn from the fields. Corn is said to have 2 antioxidants acting as natural filter and sunglasses against UV protection. The same antioxidants will help you fight against muscular degeneration. All in all, eating corn helps you keep yourself looking younger with an extra function of being tasty with everything.

Tart cherries
Delicious to look at and with the taste of summer in them, tart cherries are said to bring a good night’s sleep and relieve post-workout pains, while drink tart cherry juice helps you slim down and help get leaner. This product is just filled up with vitamins and minerals that not only taste good but also help you get thinner while eating them.

Summer would be incomplete without savouring a nice juicy melon on a hot summer day. Whether you use it for a breakfast, in a salad or in a dessert, this fruit testifies the beauty of healthy summer eating. They are good for the stomach, propel weight loss and keep you energized for the whole day.

Iced coffee
An iced coffee-to-go is the perfect drink to start your summer day. Drinking a cup of coffee reduces your chances of skin problems, its filled with a whole lot (a lot of what?) and it just tastes so good that you keep asking for more. Coffee energizes the body to help you keep with that hot summer day.

There should be no doubt that sunscreen should be your first line of defense for the summer’s blazing sun. By eating tomatoes, you are going an extra mile in protecting your skin. The proteins in tomatoes act as a natural sunscreen in protecting your skin against the sun and you can try it with anything you like, tomatoes goes in salads, foods and drinks alike.

Watermelon Juice
Composed of 90% water, watermelon juice has of the same qualities as eating lemon, but why not have it in a drink. Watermelon juice energizes your body and is the most refreshing thing you will try this summer.

Let’s not forget the eternal summer drink –  lemonade. Lemonade is perfect for rehydrating, avoiding summer nausea and heartburns. And you will simply love this drink. The taste alone will keep you refreshed for the whole day of summer entertainment and helps you keep that summer body fit.