A Simple Guide To A Morning Person

Who is a morning person? How do they look cheerful and productive? Why are you still struggling snoozing and cannot at one time switch from night owl to bushy-tailed squirrel at daybreak?

Well, people have been known to dislike the morning person possibly because they secretly want to be one but they don’t know how to. It’s no easy task I stress out, but there are simple steps you can’t take to smoothen your transition from groggy to cognizant in the morning.

  1. Switch your story
    Dissuade yourself from the notion that you are not a morning person. There is no biological evidence to suggest some people are morning persons while others are not. Ideally, it’s all in the mind, feed your subconscious positive thoughts and positivity, implying that you are a morning person regardless. This adjusts your behavior slowly.
  1. Set up an evening routine where:
  • You get quality and enough sleep – Get enough sleep as recommended, 7-8 hours of rest rejuvenates ones’ body and mind making them prepared the following morning.
    This sleep routine should be consistent, sleeping time and waking up time should be consistent, enabling your body clock to set itself with the proposed time.
    Cut one hour each day before bedtime to wind down from the day’s activities.
  • Go to bed earlier – Early to bed, early to rise, is a common saying that works effectively.
  • Prepare yourself for sleeping and waking up the following day – Shun electronic screens before bedtime. Neither go to bed hungry or too stuffed. Prepare your day, pack your work and lay out your clothes, set up for breakfast. Try taking a warm shower before going to bed to relax you and get you into the evening mood.
  • Reflect on the purpose of waking up early – Before bedtime, prepare yourself mentally for the following day. Meditate or do a mind relaxing activity where you can reflect without disturbances.
  1. Waking up in the Morning to Go
  • Use the right alarm clock and place it smartly – This enforces the routine, giving you discipline and consistency. Remember to keep it far away to avoid snoozing at arm’s length from the bed. This will force you to get out of bed to shut it off.
  • Light up your morning – Expose your bedroom to light to trick the body into a heightened state of alertness. Allow sunlight to enter your room or for those winter days invest in a light box.
  1. Try out different strategies
    Make your bed, splash cold water onto your face, stretch, have a cup of tea or coffee.
  1. Exercise before breakfast
    It’s a great way to charge up your metabolism for an active day throughout, full of energy and productivity.
  1. Eat healthy and smartly
    Take adequate carbohydrates for energy replenishing but all in all balance your breakfast.

Ensure the morning routine is well established and consistent. Perseverance is the key and be realistic with your transition, develop your own pace. Don’t be stuck in a rut!