ways to remove make-up

Best ways to remove make-up before bed

When it comes to make-up, there’s really only one golden rule you must to follow. That is, to take it off with the best make-up remover for your skin type before you go to bed. And as precisely as you did a make-up.

Yes we know it’s annoying. And it’s so tempting put your face first into a pillow after a night out. But, sleeping with your make-up on is a major mistake.

Why? Because this is the time your skin repairs itself. So, by going to sleep with your make-up on, you’re stopping this process. This increases the likelihood of clogged pores, irritation, inflammation and exposure to free radicals. Furthermore, with so many choices on the market, there’s no excuse to not wipe off.  Starting from milky make-up removers for anyone with sensitive skin, oil-free makeup removers for those with oily skin finishing with a  micellar water, which is a great alternative if you haven’t put on a full face of makeup but still need a bit of help removing the rest of daily make-up there and here.

If you in need of something that works deeply into your skin, make-up remover balms can be your best option. Formula created to start as a balm before melting into oil. There’s also wash off creamy cleanser. For those who are on the go or in need of an emergency fix, there are make-up pads, wipes. So, if you want to be happy having a healthy and clear skin, you have a bunch of varieties for the best make-up removers on the today’s market. Want to know which one will work best for your skin type?
Try them out, using our tips based on your lifestyle, needs and skin type and afterwards you will found what works the best for you.