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Chi Kong classes for FREE! Special offer

Chi Kong classes for FREE! Special offer!

For every new monthly student in Chi Kong classes 1 Free Reiki or Angelic Reiki Session in Reiki in your Heart Cyprus center, for all Cyprus Healthy Living subscribers.

Use code :CHLFCK

Chi Kong Regular classes in English and Greek every Friday 7:00pmreiki in your heart

  • Chi Kong constitutes the upmost effort of the Chinese for an integrated system of health, well being and personal development. It is an integral part of Chinese medicine.
  • It uses slow harmonious movements, breathing,and concentration exercises to release the flow of Qi or Chi (cosmic energy) in the body through the meridians(energy channels).
  • At a higher level Chi Kong teaches us to use the inner power to become masters of our lives.
  • During practice you can experience great euphoria and gradually awakens special abilities hidden within. Chi Kong affected most holistic healing systems and it can greatly enhance the healing ability of all therapists.

For more information contact us: 97711008

WHERE? Limassol-Reiki In Your Heart

WHEN? Every Friday 7:00pm

HOW MUCH? Free for all of the Cyprus Healthy Living subscribers with the code: CHLFCK