Ban plastic bag

Create Plastic Bag Free Environment

Create plastic bag free environment – increase your well-being

When you think of the environment that you are living, your habits and how it can affect you mental and economical wellbeing maybe it is not that hard to relate it with plastic bag usage.

In most of the shops in Cyprus you will always receive a plastic bag and most of the time more than you need. Most probably you will have just one or two items in one bag even though you can fill it in with five or even more. Do you really need that? And what is next? What do you do wit

h those bags when you come back home? Most of us probably will just throw it in the trash bin (and even without separating plastic with general waste). Will you reuse it? That is just few questions that you can ask yourself.

No Plastic Organic shopping bag

Make small step and have at least one bag that you can always use it for your shopping? Keep it in your bag. You can purchase, make it yourself or ask someone else to make it. You can find really trendy and fashionable ones.

Little step – make a difference.

Did you know…

  • 80% of marine waste is plastic
  • Eight million tonnes of waste plastic ends up in the sea each year. Fish eat it – and then we do. How bad is it for us?
  • They take 100s of years to degrade and they not only pollute the environment but actually directly harm many living organisms
  • It is bad to your mind. They embody the message of the throw-away society that is trashing the planet

More facts about plastic bags HERE.

Is it possible to reach the Zero Waste goal?

To create your healthy environment, increase your mental and economical well-being it is necessary to make those steps in action. Little habits can really change your environment and create a ripple in a society.

HERE are some tips how to increase your well-being and be part of the movement.

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Join the movement on 3rd of JulyInternational Plastic Bag Free day.

To learn more about the political and legal situation in the EU, discover the Ban the Bag initiative by Surfrider Foundation!