Dating and relationships

Our world is modernizing on a consistent basis and that modernization is greatly impacting relationships. There are new factors to consider in the dating game. Today many find relationships quite difficult and sometimes impersonal, making commitment a challenge. Although sometimes the focus seems to be on purely physical appearances and instant gratification whilst keeping romantic interests at arm’s length, a worthwhile relationship is still possible.  Below are a few dating tips for the modern age.

Exchange compliments about something other than appearance – focusing on the physical portrays the message that a physical relationship is where your interests lie. In order to build a healthy romantic relationship, you want to compliment what really matters to you like intellect, charisma, humor, and kindness. Those are the things that allow two people to connect on a deeper level. Of course, physical attraction is important but hopefully there was something else that attracted you to that person also.

Always follow through – mixed messages caused by sporadic communication is a huge problem with modern dating. To eliminate the problem, utilize all the forms of communication we have these days in order to stay connected with romantic interests. Call when you say you are going to call, be at the restaurant at the time you agreed to meet, text if you are running late, and just follow through. A thriving romance requires that you be present.

Never “Ghost” – ghosting is cutting off contact with someone you are dating without any explanation. You simply disappear which, when you think about it, can be very hurtful. Instead, if you are seeing someone you are no longer interested in, tell him or her. That common courtesy will help build romantic relationships in the long run because you learn how to treat people. You need that skill to make a relationship work. Even more importantly, you may begin to see a person in a different light after time has passed and decide to pursue a relationship once again. There is no reason to burn bridges.

In addition to following the tips above, ensure that you get the same from your romantic interest. The key to dating in the modern world and building a healthy relationship in the process is not just ‘making do’.  You deserve respect and happiness.