Eliminate poultry

Eliminate poultry

Why to eliminate poultry?

If you have never been following a vegetarian diet and want to make the shift, it’s best to do it gradually and take baby steps. A good way to start is to To exclude red meat from your diet, and eat poultry or fish instead. Sure, you’re not vegetarian yet, but at least stopped consuming the biggest dieses-enhancing food, that is to say, red meat.

After you’ve successfully eliminated red meat, then start reducing the amount of poultry you eat. While it’s not as bad for you as red meat because it’s not as high in fat, It is still an aliment which comes from animals raised in on a farm in terrible cramped and inhumane conditions. Poultry is also so laden with growth hormones and antibiotics, and the meat we now eat has nothing to do with chickens or turkeys men hunted centuries ago o.

Chickens are bred in horrible conditions, overfed and then slaughtered. In the grand scheme of things, it’s just as detrimental to our physical and spiritual health as eating red meat. It’s also fairly easy to eliminate poultry from our diets because let’s face it – it’s like eating wood pulp, it’s so tasteless. All the antibiotics and abnormal living conditions have processed any natural flavour that poultry ever had in the first place.

Add more fish and seafood

If you’re not quite ready to replace poultry with grains, vegetables and legumes yet. Even if eating too much fish and seafood can be bad for you because of the high level of mercury they contain, it is still a better alternative to poultry and red meat. If you do all that, it will already be a huge step towards vegetarism. Give yourself time to get used to this. You won’t miss poultry for a minute. We usually eat chicken and chicken breasts because it’s lower in fat and calories, but it’s also lower in any kind of nutritional value. When we’re not getting essential proteins and vitamins, we’re still starving our bodies, regardless of how healthy we think we’re being. Eliminating poultry is one of the most positive steps you can take towards a  healthy diet and a more responsible consumption.