Eliminate red meat

Eliminate red meat

Why to eliminate red meat?

If you’re thinking of changing to a vegetarian diet, how do you start? Do you just start shopping in the produce aisle of the grocery store? You might have some anxiety regarding this change as well, and this is understandable.

Try to look at this as adding to your dietary habits, rather than a drastic change. If your diet has consistently included red meat, perhaps you can start substituting other foods for the red meat. Or you can start by excluding the most processed and high-fat meats first, such as bacon and hamburgers. Certainly, try to eliminate fast food burgers, which have such a high fat and sodium content. If you think you’ll miss the taste of bacon in the morning, try substituting a turkey or vegetable-based bacon substitute. It won’t be the same, but you won’t be giving up the foods you’re used to all at once.

If you’ve had a health problem and feel the need to change everything at once, make sure you include a lot of variety in the foods you buy as you begin to discover new flavours and textures that you’ll like to replace the food you’re used to eat. If you don’t need to make a dramatic change all at once, you’ll have a much greater chance of long-term success if you take it slow. Reduce the amount of red meat that you eat on a weekly basis, even if it means Substituting meat with pasta and marinara sauce (but just once a week!). Increase the amounts of fruits and vegetables you eat. Start eating some raw vegetables before dinner so you’re not so hungry when you get to the main meal. Little by little, try to reverse the proportions of meat and vegetables: make meat a side dish, and vegetables and grains your main course

We’re creatures of habit and reluctant to change. This is why so many diets fail, because we make drastic changes, hoping we will get dramatic results quickly. This is a decision and a change you want to make for a lifetime. Make it a natural and gradual change and you can look forward to many more years of healthy living.