weekly yoga sessions

Weekly Yoga

Tree Of Life Centre from 4th of November starts the weekly yoga sessions with Susanne. She will initiate a special pulsating body-breathing that waves the PRANA (energy) through the whole body. By this we start the rotation of awareness and by alternating extensions and flexions you discard the painful stiffness from the spine, joints and tendons and improve movement efficiency. The result is a better adjustment to gravity, regaining the naturally effortless alignment of the three energy floors along the spine: pelvis, ribcage and sterno-clavicular joint. 

Normative Hatha Yoga patterns but without risks of injury or painful drill. The Chakras (focal points of energy) become replenished, and during the final complete relaxation, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of existence become reconnected in full balance.

This is not excusively for women, as the great Yogis in India  are mostly men. Susanne use specially selected contemporary music as active acoustic wave-therapy, completing the effects of the session.

How much: 90 min course 35 Eur

Languages offered: English, French, German

Please call 96025620/ 24821921 to book or check Facebook for more info.