Handstand masterclass spiced with fun

What does it require to hold a handstand? Courage, flexibility, strength, insanity? Let’s put all that aside and just concentrate on the process:

In this class you will be guided through strength drills and power flows where your stamina and balance will be challenged. We will work on flexibility with movements and long holds.

The handstand itself will sneak slowly into the practice. No matter what level your handstand practice is at. Just play and have FUN!

Let’s do that together!

Judit’s yoga journey started more than 10 years ago when she attended her very first hatha yoga class. At that time yoga was an escape from a stressful job as a tourist representative and a way of getting more flexibility. She attended her first teacher training in 2015 and has completed another 3 since then.

She practices what she teaches, and in her spare time she can be found practicing and developing her arm balance and inversion practice at home or by the sea. Her style is vivid and flowing. She teaches power yoga, pregnancy yoga and SUP yoga in her home town Paralimni/ Protaras.