Pilates Class Roger Brignell

Pilates Class with Roger Brignell

Pilates Class every Thursday morning with Roger Brignell at Tree of Life Learning center (Larnaca) starting from 16th November.

Pilates is an exercise technique which borrows from lots of other disciplines with the objective of making the core muscles strong and stable and all the other skeletal muscles long and strong. This latter is important because it contrasts with gym type exercises which shorten skeletal muscles while strengthening them.

Pilates Class Roger Brignell

About Roger Brignell:

Roger started teaching Pilates about 20 years ago after training with the Pilates Institute in the UK. His specialist areas being rehabilitation from injuries (especially of the back , neck, knee and shoulder) and exercise in pregnancy.

Pilates Class Roger Brignell

When: from 16th November every Thursday morning; 10:30 – 11:30 h

Where: Larnaca (Tree of Life Learning Center)

How much: to be confirmed at Tree of Life Learning Center

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Also for more information please contact: 24 821921/ 95 711801