Flava Chocolate, part 2

Flava chocolate is rich in antioxidants and more specifically, cocoa flavanols.  Cocoa flavanols are the beneficial phytonutrients (also known as plant-based nutrients) naturally found in cocoa; no other food on Earth can match cocoa’s unique blend of flavanols.   The cocoa bean is sometimes described as nature’s most surprising “superfruit” as scientific evidence indicates that cocoa flavanols help support healthy circulation which is important for skin health, cardiovascular health, and cognitive health.

Flava chocolate is also enhanced with Cyprus Royal Jelly – the health benefits of which include alleviating anxiety, sleeplessness and memory loss to bolstering the immune system and improving the appearance of the skin.

As we said previously in the first part of this article Flava chocolate is NOT a medicine, so it won’t cure illnesses, but when eaten as part of a balanced diet alongside a healthy active lifestyle it can help prevent lots of problems we can (and do) suffer from.It can help to;


The antioxidants and essential amino acids in our chocolate have a decided beneficial effect on the skin. Increased blood flow and better hydration ensure that the skin remains soft, smooth and supple. The chances of developing wrinkles and crow’s feet are reduced. These benefits have been shown in many independent studies on cacao and Royal Jelly.  This therefore, has the same result as effective skin creams, with the difference that Flava chocolate improves hydration over the whole body and not only on the spot where the skin cream was applied.


You may not always think about it, but the health of your circulatory system is critically important to live and age well. The circulatory system is a complex network of blood vessels, arteries and capillaries that travel from the top of your head to the tips of your toes and is the pathway for delivering vital oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues.  The health of your heart, brain, muscles and eyes amongst others is dependent upon a healthy circulatory system.  Studies have indicated that the flavanols, which are present in Flava chocolate, give cardiovascular benefits, and therefore help to maintain a healthy heart.  Recent studies have also shown that there is a link between these cocoa flavanols and their capacity to support and improve cognitive function  in healthy cognitively intact elderly individuals.


The cocoa flavanols (antioxidants) in Flava chocolate strengthen your natural resistance to oxidative stress.

It is generally accepted that a daily ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value of 4000 optimizes the balance between antioxidants and free radical activity in our body. Flava chocolate has an ORAC value of 55000 per 100 gms.  Therefore, only a small portion is needed to maintain this balance especially when eaten in combination with a balanced and varied diet.  We recommend that you have a minimum of ten grams in the morning and a further ten grams in the late afternoon or early evening to get the most benefits.

These antioxidants offer protection against the attack of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are highly unstable molecules. They react with other cells to try tomake themselves stable. When they do that with our healthy cells, it can cause damage. We have all seen a peeled apple turn brown within minutes – that is oxidisation.  The antioxidants in certain foods that we eat slow up this process and can even stop it if we have enough of the right level of antioxidants.

Research has shown that when free radical levels are too high, they can cause disease, early ageing and mental degeneration.  We naturally create free radicals when we are under stress, exposed to air pollution, stay out too long in the sun, have an unbalanced or unhealthy diet, or smoke or drink too much alcohol.  But in normal conditions and providing you follow a healthy diet, a healthy body is able to neutralize attacks from free radicals – or at least slow them down.

Flava chocolate provides nearly all the goodness that the ancients enjoyed and can help to enhance your well-being and your health too.

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