Foot mycosis treatment

A Czech biotech company developed a special biological preparation that suppresses the most often occurring species of causative agents of skin fungal diseases. It is based on ecological microorganism that suppress mycosis and restore normal, physiological microflora that are notified for human use. After the completion of its task, the active substance/agent disappears with no side effects. The preparation is successfully employed against diseases caused by fungi on skin and nails.

Fungal Diseases

Skin fungal diseases represent a persistent problem in today’s society. Fungal infection can be transmitted by a direct contact between sick and healthy person, but also through the objects infected by sick. Increased occurrence of fungal diseases is reported in young, older and immunocompromised people, and in pet animal holders who are in daily contact with animals that carry the infection. Treatment of dermatological diseases is often difficult, lengthy and the use of classical antimycotic treatment burdens the organism with its several side effects, such as allergic and skin reactions, liver and kidneys damages. Eventually, dermatophytes can become resistant to the chemical antimycotics requiring higher and higher doses for their elimination.

New solution

Today’s modern approaches tend to exclude overuse of chemical agents in favor of new, less aggressive solutions while maintaining or increasing their efficiency. The research started over 40 years ago in the plant protection field, and gradually moved towards human and animal health. The key to our biological preparation is the microorganism Pythium oligandrum, a strong mycoparasite of other fungi. Its modus operandi is to use other fungi and yeast for its own nutrition while not interacting with the human host. Biological products containing P. oligandrum are intended for the suppression of symptoms that accompany the feet mycosis.

How the invention works

P.oligandrum consumes other microscopic fungi and uses them for its maintenance and survival. During its life, P. oligandrum produces moving zoospores that actively seek parasitic (disease causing) fungi. In the moment there is nothing left to feed on, P. oligandrum forms oospores and leaves the environment as it is unable to survive under the physiological conditions of the human body.

Application fields

The products with Clever fungi help people with their problems with fungal nail infections, onychomycoses and athlete’s foot.

Innovations and advantages of the products

  • Helps to eliminate fungi from human body and environment.
  • Natural product.
  • No adverse effects.
  • Age flexibility, safe for immunocompromised and sensitive individuals.
  • No resistance.
  • Cannot be overdosed.
  • Many possible other applications in medicine, cosmetics and household product industries.

Current products:

  1. Biodeur

A biological product that is applicable for care of skin on a foot sensitive to fungal infections. Contains 1 x 1g or 3 x 1g ampoule with dried powder from which the treatment solution is prepared. Applied in the form of foot bath or wrap dressings.

  1. Clever FungusBiodeur Nail

A biological product that is suitable for care of toenails sensitive to fungal infections. Contain 3 x 3g effervescent tablets. It is used in the form of wrap dressing around the toenails.

  1. Clever Fungus Pythie Prevent

A biological product suitable for care of skin on legs that is vulnerable to a fungal infection. Also can be used as prevention of feet that are vulnerable to odor symptoms and sweat.

Exclusive distributor in Cyprus: Sunshine Pharma Ltd.

Infoline: 70088878