How Often Should You Wash Your Activewear?

Are you obsessed with the idea of hygiene and wondering how often you should wash the activewear? Well, this is an important question that does need an answer. The reason is that people who are fitness freaks tend to wear the activewear on a regular basis. Now the best idea is to wash your activewear after every use. Well this sounds to be the perfect idea. However, if you have a very busy schedule then make sure that you sniff your activewear and check it out if you can wear it for the second time. To explain things in a better way we will discuss the different sorts of activewear and how often they need washing.

The rules you need to follow for washing activewear

  • Track pants, yoga pants and leggings: Now people are led by the misconception that if they wear black leggings then the washing process can be delayed. Well that is wrong because the leggings do develop odour. The best rule is to ensure that the leggings should just be worn twice before a wash.
  • Shorts: It is best to follow the same rule for the shorts as well as that of the leggings. However, if you have loosely fitted shorts then you can delay the washing a little more in comparison to the leggings.
  • The sports bra: Now if you sweat a lot during your workout then make sure that your sports bra is washed prior to the next workout. The smart thing to do will be to have at least three sports bras in hand. This way if you do not get the time to wash the bra you will still have a clean one to wear next time.

Let us hope you find these rules helpful and make sure you follow them.