wash your hair the right way

How to wash your hair the right way?

How to wash your hair the right way?

How often we should wash our hair? It question we often ask ourselves. Most of the time, we are not doing it right. Some of us, we feel as we do this too much, some not enough. The key is to know your hair type. So if you confused on the question how often you should do it, read on our quick tips:

Fine hair have a tendency become oily more quickly than the other hair types which means you should be washing them more often. It means like you can be caused to it every day. Also if you tend to make sport often then you need to wash your hair also more often. So it depends on your gym sessions as well. Dry shampoo or spritz can be a solution as it helps to absorb excess oil.

For a medium hair: 2-3 times per week it is a normal routine. Your hair type is usually not accumulating as much oil as fine hair, but to hide oily look can be more visible than in thicker hair. Our advice is to try to do not wash them every day.

For curly hair shampooing not a problem at all. You are lucky about that! Because of yours thankful hair type you will mostly be likely to avoid oil till it reaches stands.

The world’s best-dressed, they don’t wash their hair as often as you’d think. “Most young women nowadays wash their hair way too much!” says Anthony Cole, who is the lead stylist for Sebastian Professional Haircare. “It is enough to take care of them three times a week for most of hair types.” It is not a secret that your hair actually produces more oil when you wash them too frequently.

Steamy shower could be a relaxing, but if you want to avoid dry and lifeless hair look and seeking it is preferable to keep it on the cooler side, according to Oscar Blandi, the brains behind his own hair care line. It will help lock them in the moisture and benefits your scalp in the long-run.” He also recommends try to avoid your nails, massage scalp gently. You suppose to apply minimum pressure. It should be enough two gentle, non-abrasive rounds of shampooing usually does the trick to clean your scalp—the first is purely to remove build-up.

Pros recommends to choosing a formulation best-suited for your needs. It’s all about identifying your hair type, it means if you got oily hair, a purifying one is your best choice .If your hair is simply dry -smoothing, moisturizing shampoos should be your jam. Coarse hair requires products with benefits like hydrating, too, benefits from shampoos with these attributes. Also Check out labels which say ‘hydrating,’ recommends pro Mr.O.Blandi. He is explaining that using a right chosen product that has moisture in it will make your hair more manageable.


CY healthy living tips: do not shampoo your hair too often, massage your scalp gently, and choose the formula according your hair type.