Hula hoop exercising

In the 1950s, one of the biggest fads that were documented by sociologists was the Hula Hoop. Like most of the fads, the hoop is deceptively simple. It is constituted of hollow plastic, usually quite bright in color, and sometimes hollow consisting of a couple of ball bearings, bells, or other noise makers. Depending upon the variety of sizes, a hoop toy diameter ranges from 20 in (51 cm) to about 3 ft (91 cm). They can come in various colors as preferred by the user.

An enjoyable and cost-effective way to generate health benefits is through a Hula hoop, or simply, hooping. It helps strengthen your core muscles and tone your body smooth through repetitive hip gyrations. Hooping helps train not only your core but also your lower and upper extremities. Hooping helps in the development of your sense of body and makes you aware of a positive self-image. It is a good fat burning exercise since one hour of intense hooping is equivalent to an hour-long run on a treadmill. It helps you build cardiovascular endurance and regulates your body weight. By making your body work hard for its oxygen, Hooping helps you build your aerobic capacity.

Your joints get mobilised, specially your spinal joints, courtesy of the rhythmic, oscillatory nature of hooping. The merits of regular joint mobilization as a method of achieving optimal joint health have been touted by many Chiropractors and other manual medicine practitioners an hooping helps you achieve that. Hooping assists in balancing your muscle tone and reduce unwanted wear and tear on your joints and emancipates you from back problems as well.

So what are you waiting for? Get a Hula loop and start spinning!