Is reheating food healthy?

We live in a busy world. Every moment is precious for us. This is because most of us work for more than 8 hours a day. Hence, daily cooking and eating is not a reliable goal. What do we do?  We make food for 2 or 3 days and we store them in the refrigerator. In that way when you come home after work you already have food to eat. All you have to do is reheating it.

Whether reheating food is good or bad has always been a huge debate. But, the important fact is that the reheating food removes most of the nutrients from the food. The reheating procedure destroy the remaning vitamins and mierals contained in the food. This cause serious damages to the body as a result of vitamins and mineral deficiency. The vitamin and mineral deficiency can cause serious diseases such as night blindness, rickets, neurological damage and so on.

In addition, reheating food can be an ideal source for many microorganisms. Yes, you read it, right? Reheating food too many times leads the growth of an immense amount of microorganism. When you heat the food, the spores of the microorganisms are most of the time not destroyed and these spores can produce other microorganism as the reheated food cools down. The amount of microorganism and heat-resistant microorganism increases in number as you heat the food subsequently. The food can then be invaded with severe disease-causing microorganisms which can lead to sever food poisoning. This is a serious issue. Some type of food poisoning can even lead to death.

Moreover, scientists believe that some of the food substances should never be reheated. These food substances are cooked meat (for instance in the form of casserole, lasagna or curry), sauces (which made out of milk or milk products), seafood (such as patties, casseroles, cutlets and so on), cooked rice, pasta and food substances containing eggs, or any pulses and food substances with green leafy vegetables (as if spinach, kale and so on).

In a word, the facts and the figures stated above show the need to stop our habit of heating leftovers or storing cooked food in the refrigerator. This article gives a clear view on why we should not reheat food.