Pasta: Friend or Enemy?

The answer is simple; pasta is definitely an ally in our daily diet. Looks quite odd to you isn’t’ it? Yet, it is quite true! You can enjoy your favourite pasta (whole meal of course!) at night without ruining your perfectly shaped body that you’ve exercised for countless hours at the gym.

Pasta is classified in the carbohydrate group of nutrients. A scary group for most people to be honest, as they believe that carbs (including pasta) are their enemy totally misinformed! 50% of the total body energy requirements are derived from carbs, meaning that carbs are essential in one’s daily diet. Therefore, carbohydrates must be included in both main meals and snacks. Dinner is also classed as a main meal; therefore, it too must contain all of the food groups, namely carbohydrate, proteins and fat.

And here you are asking yourself, why were you mislead for so many years? The answer is fairly simple. Carbohydrates do provide you with energy and therefore calories. However, If you are not careful with the quantity you eat, the quality of the pasta and if you add bad extra ingredients to them, you will end up consuming more energy. The secret is to espect the following three simple rules:


  • Reduce the amount of carbohydrate that you really need to have in your meal
  • Choose carbohydrates rich in fibre, such as wholegrain bread and pasta, fruits, vegetables…
  • Do not go to sleep unless 2-3 hours have passed since your dinner.


Get to know carbohydrates, love them and they will become your ally!

Dietitian Tip: Include carbs in your life. Do not be afraid of them. . . You need them!! It is the first energy source for your body. Just remember three vital keywords: quantity, quality and proper “timing”!!!


Clinical Dietitians & Associates