reducing energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption – increase your wellness

Why should we reduce our energy consumption?

Who would have thought that our electricity consumption could be related to our well-being? And yet, being more responsible when it comes to our energy consumption can have an impact on our well-being.


A better planet, a better life quality

It is obvious that consuming too much electricity is bad for the Earth. We are deeply convinced that our well-being is tightly connected to the well-being of the planet. And right now, our planet is not doing great.

Besides, to produce energy, we use the resource of the Earth. Only, these ressource are limited and we already use too much. What will happen when we won’t have resource to produce energy? This can be bad for our health. The most obvious danger is that without energy it wold be a great challenge to heat our homes during the cold months, and this can cause many diseases.

Not to mention that reducing our electricity consumption also reduces our electricity bill, we have less stress and can focus on things that matter most – family and relationship!


Focus on what is more important

It seems hard nowadays to reduce our electricity consumption. Indeed, almost every device we use require electricity. It is therefore really hard for us to imagine how we could reduce our energy consumption. This is even more true that we live in a society that taught us that consumption is the key to our happiness. We always want more and we always buy and consume more. But are we even satisfied with that? Of course not. Consumption doesn’t bring us happiness.

However, bounding with people, being part of a community, mutual aid, these are things that bring us true happiness, as many research have already proven.

But how is this related to electricity consumption?
First of all, when we do something for the planet and we have a responsible consumption, we feel great about ourselves.

Second, being careful about our consumption makes us part of a big scheme, and makes us work for a common goal which will benefit everyone on this planet, which is working towards a more sustainable future. This can bring us happiness and fulfil ourselves.

Third, as mentioned before, we reduce our expenses and can decide to invest in education, improvement of our health, exploration of world or your hobbies.

Last but not least, spending more time playing board games with your family instead of video games helps increase the health and happiness of your family by providing time together. And you save electricity. It is just part of small things.



So the good news is, there are many little easy habits that you can take to be more responsible and make a difference for the planet and help in boosting your economical and mental wellness. This is why we decided to share on our Facebook page a tip every Monday to help you reduce your electricity consumption.

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Join the feeling!


By Rachel Ehrhart