Stay fit with fashionable handcrafted beach tennis rackets

Love From Cyprus teamed up with the Greek racket brand, ACE to bring you more great summer fun!

ACE beach rackets are handcrafted in Greece and Cyprus and developed with an objective to escape the conventional racket design approach by infusing contemporary strokes, aesthetically onto the racket.

Ace revisited the blank wooden racket with a simplistic eye and gave it an original identity.

Using authentic design elements that focus on the movement and shape of the racket has given it a whole new perspective; energetic colour infusions and attention to detail have created a racket that will embody the future of the sport.

ACE Beach racket 2


Air Pocket’s innovative design makes it the best anti-vibration system found within a wood racket.

This system allows vibration ripples to spread evenly throughout the body of the racket upon ball impact, increasing stability and maximizing its playability performance.

Minimizing the shock impact allows the racket to mimic the movement of the arm and the agility of its natural functions, optimizing your game and increasing precision levels at any point during game play.

Available to purchase here in pairs, choose from two different weights and a selection of Coral, Ultramarine and Aqua colours.ACE Beach racket 3