Sun, Beloved friend or foe?


The sun leaves its marks on the skin, creating small or large damages, especially when we live in a country with strong sunlight that becomes even more intense during the summer months.

Our objective in the autumn is to get the skin to reset so as to not allow these unpleasant consequences caused by the sun.

Recommended treatments to restore the skin when it presents roughness, keratosis, stains, acne scars, open pores, dehydration, drought, fruit acids, whitening, mesotherapy and ultrasound respectively.

Fruit acids

After studies carried out, suggested mild exfoliating methods, such as fruit acids (not aggressive chemical peelings that cause photosensitivity) .With proper use and repetition can have an excellent effect on skin rejuvenating, smoothing, brightening, with fewer pores or pigment spots.

It is now well known and scientifically proven efficacy of fruit acids as a treatment, which is necessary during the autumn period, which aims to remove all dead cells caused by our exposure to the sun.

Dry-Dehydrated skin

Aesthetics have a large progressive evolution, today proposed the revolutionary methods of ultrasound, radiofrequency, mesotherapy and many others, certainly through personal contact with experienced aesthetic judged and treatment for each case.

(Radio Frequency (RF): Resets the tightening of the face and neck with the renewal of collagen and elastin in depth.)

(Mesotherapy: Penetrating substances (hyaluronic acid and vitamins) that restores elasticity and moisture in the chest, neck and face for skin with a healthy glow and freshness.)


One problem that concerns many women today are stains or otherwise colouring marks. Solar radiation, hormonal disturbances, and birth control pills are some of the causes of this problem. Older styles faced the problem differently. TODAY a workaround is to curb the tyrosinase enzyme responsible for stimulating the production of melanin.

We see people who are facing these kinds of problems have excellent results and great successes with proper treatment.

Do not leave your skin exposed and at risk for permanent stains and scars. Give it the care and attention it needs with advanced proposals of the new aesthetic techniques in a place with high expectations, where the goal is always the best results, always with responsibility, experience and professionalism.

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