best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes

The best eyeshadow colors for brown eyes.Purple

For brown-eyed girls, this means you should apply eye makeup in teals, blues, purples and also pinks in addition to neutrals like chocolates, bronzes, coppers. So get over your aversion to color for fear of loo king clownish or your distaste for neutrals for fear of looking blah, because both can look incredible—and when applied properly, perfectly pop those brown peepers.

Complementary Eyeshadow for Brown Eyes – purple rain

Create this flirty and feminine look by following these eye makeup tips:

  • Step 1: Prep lids with a base for truer color payoff.
  • Step 2: Apply a lavender cream shadow to the upper lid from lash line to crease.
  • Step 3: Dust a lavender powder shadow over the cream to set and intensify the color.
  • Step 4: Sweep a dark violet into the crease and along the upper and lower lash line and blend.
  • Step 5: Rim eyes in a plum eyeliner.
  • Step 6: Coat top and bottom lashes in mascara.

There are some  CHL  tips for brown eyes:

  • To make your eye color pop, wear purple or teal as these are contrasting colors to brown
  • Silvers and blues can look beautiful too, but be careful wearing them under the lower lashline as they can enhance any dark circles under your eyes
  • Brown eyeshadow tends to blend in with brown eyes, so wear more of a silver-brown (think taupe) or even peach.

Which eyeshadow color is your favorite?  Do you notice your brown eyes “pop” more with certain colors? 🙂