The power of silence

The power of silence

There are places to connect with the power of silence but the worlds rapid development has robbed us of many. Ancient sages drew most of their inner wisdom from this deep well of stillness where they could become the stillpoint. Their wisdom and sense of ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ brought them into contact with the primordial force of life itself and always in this power of silence. There they could hear God speak.

So how can we return to stillness in such a noisy world? How can we reconnect in the whisper of existence. We must do 2 things. one is to create the stillpoint daily as much as we can and another to withdraw from life and retreat away from it all annually.

What happens to us when we have silence and the impact it can have on our life is profound. When we are silent and silence surrounds us:

  • Our ego switches off
  • Our thoughts turn inwards and we have a chance to experience life without thought
  • Introspection and reflection can happen as we connect more with our true self

Here are a few ways to develop the power of silence in your life:

1. Learn the art of mediation

Preferably a kind that does not involve to much guidance or fantasy. In the silence you will find the ways to quieten and silence the monkey mind that chatters and annoys you with mental banter. HERE is one we could suggest.

2. Someone says something that makes you feel uncomfortable 

In this moment you might say, “May I take a moment to think about what you said?”. Us the silence to reflect on how you feel and the best way to respond.

3. Retreat into a sacred space 

Each day for at least 30 minutes withdraw from all distractions and frustrations of the world to meet yourself and your truth. Once a year retreat into a natural space and become one with the silence.

4. Setting intentions before entering a special occasion

Take a few minutes before starting work or meeting a friend or especially significant.

Consider more often pulling the Silence Tool out of your tool kit and using it to bring yourself some relief and extreme power. This will help your soul deepen and your powers of transformation thicken as you return each time to your life with strength and meaning for having met with your innermost self and listened to its calling.

Power of silence at Silverhouse Sanctuary

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