Clean your Makeup brushes

The ultimate Guide to cleaning your Makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are the most important tools that help you perfect your hours of makeup into one amazing look. Have you ever thought about how all your makeup, day after day is accumulated in your brushes?

Makeup brushes are far more effective in applying makeup than using bare hands. They give you an even finish and a professional touch. We all know that wearing makeup means making sure you remove all traces of it towards the end of the day. So why do we think twice about doing the same for our makeup brushes?

What happens if I don’t clean them?

The first step to healthy living is making sure that whatever you use is clean. And that also includes your makeup brushes. When you don’t clean your brushes, you pave way for bacteria to grow and breed on them. Besides, think of all that dirt and gunk that get accumulated in the brushes.

Makeup has the adhesive tendency that makes germs and dust get attached to it. And when all that is on your brush, the last thing you would want is putting your brush on your face. Replacing your makeup brushes can often be a costly affair, so why not stick to cleaning them regularly?

Easiest way to cleaning your makeup brushes:

For this, you will need baby shampoo, paper towels or soft towels.

  • First, put very little baby shampoo on your palm. About the size of a nickel should do. You can also use mild body washes and face washes in the place of baby shampoo.
  • Take a makeup brush and just swirl it in your palm, on the shampoo. Make sure that you are only using the tip of the bristles on the shampoo. The crown of your makeup brushes should be prevented from shampoo.
  • After a few swipes, it is time to wash away the lather. Rinse your brush under luke warm water. Again, make sure that the crown of the brush is not affected by water, as it can reduce the glue that holds the bristles together.
  • Once you have thoroughly rinsed, gently squeeze the bristles to drain out extra water.
  • While it is still moist, place the brush in a downward fashion on paper towels or any super absorbing towel. Leave it overnight to dry.

There are specific soaps and cleansers in the market for cleaning makeup brushes. Cleaning your makeup brushes weekly or bi-weekly will help keeping them germ free.