Micellar water

Why is Micellar water the perfect skin Cleanser?

Ever since women have discovered the existence of Micellar water, their awe and dedication to it has never faded. Micellar water is so amazing that many women around the world have given up most of their skincare products for this one amazing thing. So what exactly is Micellar waiter?

Micellar water was specifically designed for French women to combat the conditions of hard water and its effects on their skin. For decades, Micellar water has been the life saver for French women. But now, the rest of the world is clearly catching up. Brands like Bioderma and Simple have their own concept of Micellar water that caters to women internationally.

What is it made of?

Micellar water consists of microscopic micelle molecules that help in skin care. It helps remove dirt and excess oil from your skin without stripping natural oils from the skin. The reason Parisians used Micellar water is so that they can replenish their skin and bring it back to its health after all the damage caused by hard water.

Micellar water is a no rinse formula. You basically have to just splash it on your face and let it set. The simple trick can give you years of perfect skin.

How is Micellar water perfect for skin?

  • Makeup remover: It removes all your makeup in one go. That is what makes it the perfect skin cleanser. While there are many successful brands and products in the market for cleansing your skin free of all makeup, most of them require a minimum of two attempts. Micellar water removes your makeup in the first try, leaving no room for another attempt. The micelle molecules are fatty, thus effectively removing all makeup. Besides, when you remove makeup with micellar water, there is no stinging feeling or an oily feel to it. Isn’t that a lot better than a cleanser?
  • Hydration: It does not strip the skin’s natural moisture. After you cleanse your face, it leaves your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. It benefits all skin types.
  • Micellar water retains moisture in your skin, thus eliminating the need for bulks of moisturizer. It is basically all your healthy living and skin care needs in one bottle.

Micellar water is indeed a miracle skin care regimen. When you start using it, you will know why it is so addictive and just so much better than everything else.