Why juicing?

We have all heard everyone brag about the benefits vegetables and fruits bring to our overall health. Whether you are a working person or even a sportsman, change of lifestyle influences you largely. You might still have a doubt over the importance of fuelling your body with veggies and fruits, but here you will find the essential information that you need to be convinced.

With the recent studies, health specialists have stated that we need to increase vegetable and fruit intake to 9 portions of vegetables and fruit daily, which corresponds to 9 x 80 gr =720 gr per day (the recommodation used to be 5 portions daily).  There is indeed a reason and an appropriate logic behind this. Due to our poor food choices and not chewing our food efficiently, our body’s ability to extract and absorb the micro-nutrients from vegetables and fruits diminishes, and therefore, a daily serving of fresh juice provides the necessary micro-nutrients that your body needs to function optimally and stay healthy, energetic and clear minded.

You will indeed be amazed to know how your food affects your mental and physical health. Would you want to walk all drained out to your office or feel like a pro athlete full of energy and positivity? We all indeed crave positivity and it is essential to know that food does play a vital role in how we feel and act.

Fruits can be eaten in different forms, such as juice, as it makes it easy for your digestive system to process and absorb the vitamins, minerals and enzymes contained in fresh juices and smoothies. Along with that, you can also add a bigger variety of vegetables, that you may not normally enjoy eating whole to your diet, instead of eating the same vegetable salad every day.

Some people think that drinking juices is not good, because of the absence of dietary fibre and high sugar content. This is true for fruit juices that have been filtered. Fresh juice retains dietary fibre because it is not filtered. Dietary fibre is necessary to keep your intestines clean. On an average, women need 25 gr, and men need 38 gr of fibers per day.

At IzzoGood, slow juicers are used to retain maximum vitamin, mineral, enzyme and dietary content from vegetables and fruits. The content of 400 ml juice amounts to approximately 3 portions of vegetables a day and a 600ml juice 5 portions a day. Therefore, it is recommended to use a combination of vegetables and/or fruits for juices and smoothies.

To make you well informed, vegetable juices are preferable over fruit juices, because they contain more micro-nutrients than fruit and much less sugar. Moreover, instead of gulping down your juice and smoothie, drink it sip by sip, allowing the first phase of digestion to take place in your mouth.

We hope that this article will indeed convince you to pursue a healthy lifestyle and make vegetables and fruits your best friends with IzzoGood!